Looking To Adopt A New Cat? Read These Tips First!

By ArthurHoose

One of the most exciting things in life is getting to bring home a new cat. This decision should not be taken lightly though. You will be responsible for your cat’s life for years to come. Therefore, you should read these tips if you are looking to adopt a new cat to make sure it’s a good idea.

See If Anyone Has Allergies

If someone living in your home is allergic to cats, this could be a serious problem. There are many options for managing allergies but the person has to be open to this. They may also have severe allergies and if they have other health issues this could be risky. A lot of cats can be territorial so they’ll get attached to their home.  Therefore, it is not fair to bring a new cat home just to find out later on that he or she doesn’t have a forever home.

Introducing Your New Cat Can Take Time

If you are bringing home a cat for the first time and have young children, you’ll want to make sure that they understand how cats work. You should explain that the cat will probably be scared at first and that they need to be gentle with it. Only make the introduction when they both seem to be fully ready. However, you should keep your eyes on them when they are playing. Starting out on the right foot will allow them to create a bond and create a lifetime of beautiful memories.

You should introduce your new cat to other animals carefully by allowing them to first smell each other through a closed door. When they seem to be comfortable through the  door and aren’t growling or hissing, slowly allow them to see each other face to face. Stay with them though because there could be a cat fight. You can help to prevent this by making sure the new cat isn’t seen an intruder. If you have another cat, make sure that the new cat is placed somewhere that your other cats belongings are not.

Invest In Cat Furniture And Cat Toys

You should plan to have all of these items at your home before bringing home your new cat. While your cat may want to sleep with you sometimes, they will also enjoy having a cat bed of their own. So, you should find a good spot for their new cat bed. You should also think about what kind of wet food and dry food to buy. They’ll also need cat furniture like a scratching post, a cat litter box, a cat tree, and toys of course. Adding wall mounted cat shelves is another great way to give your cats the height they crave. It is also a great way to create a safe space of their own. You should consider this especially if there are children or other pets in the home that they’ll want an escape from. The Refined Feline makes beautiful modern furniture for cats that is durable and will also look great in your home.

Give Your Cat A Private Space To Decompress

Your new cat will likely want a private place to decompress for a little while. They’ll probably be shy and not want to come out to say hi at first. So, add a secure and comfortable hiding place to their space like an enclosed cat bed. The space they’re in shouldn’t be too bright and should have readily available food & water. Once you get home with your new cat, put the carrier down and open the door of the carrier. Allow your cat to explore at their own pace starting with a small room. We know you’ll want to be around the new cat all the time at first but follow your cat’s body language and don’t force anything. If the cat runs or hides, allow them to have some space. They’ll come out when they’re ready and will appreciate your patience.

Make Sure Your Cat Has A Calm Environment

Make sure when you’re interacting with your new cat that you’re doing it with a soft calm voice. Be sure to pet your cat gently and try mimicking their body language. One way to do this is through slow blinking. Eventually, your new feline friend will completely trust you and become a typical housecat. 

Read These Tips Before Looking To Adopt  A New Cat

Your new cat will be happily ignoring you yet demanding your attention soon enough. Owning a cat is one of the greatest pleasures in life and their love is unconditional. They will fill your heart with love and make you laugh until you cry. Just be sure you are thinking this decision through before deciding to take a cat’s life into your hands.