Let’s “go cats Com”!

By ArthurHoose

The adventure begins Tuesday morning at 4:15 AM. My alarm blares across the room. Go cats Com start to wonder why I wake up so early in the morning. Then, I recall: UNH/UMaine hockey tickets

My roommate and I sleepily walk from the Gables to the Whittemore Center to stand in line. Tickets for the UNH/UMaine game, which is always highly anticipated, are in great demand. Although the line isn’t as long as it was in previous years, we still don’t want any chance. We are back in bed by the time classes begin two hours later.

The waiting starts again on Friday afternoon. Surprised to find a crowd of UNH students waiting inside the Whitt, we arrive at 5:05. It is great to see the UNH students dressed in white for the “White Out the Whitt” tradition. White Out the Whitt is UNH fans wearing white to express their school spirit and create an “white out” effect.

Go Cats Com! Once we are settled

Let’s go Cats Com! Once we are settled in, we are thrilled to see white thunder sticks. I used the sticks to create the thunder effect for the entire game. The stadium fills up and I can sense the excitement of the fans. Gnarlz, wildcat mascot, makes his entrance onto the ice. He plays his usual musical accompaniment and it’s a chilling moment. Before the game begins, we will hear “the Rev”, a local reverend with deep voices and a personalized UNH jersey.

The student section is alive after the first face-off. There are thunder sticks, chants and clapping. There are some more sarcastic cheers, like “let’s get cats Com!” or “U-N–H” cheers. sieve! When the UMaine goalie steps on the ice, it’s “sieve!” Every exciting play is followed with a lot of cheering from UNH fans. The school spirit behind the team is incredible. The crowd is buzzing with excitement after the UNH goal, which came in 47 seconds into the first half.

As the second and first periods end with close scores, I’m paying attention to the third period to see how it will play out. Maine scores another goal with just over a minute remaining to make it 3-2 UNH. As UNH defends Maine, I wait with baited breath for the result. The Wildcats win and the crowd is wild. I walk to the lobby and grab some IHOP pancakes from Campus Recreation’s Midnight Mania after the game ends. It’s never boring!

Go-Cat Chicken & Duck

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Go Cats Com! These traditions will show your purple pride

Northwestern, like any university with a history of 150+ years, has many traditions that are respected by alumni and students alike. These traditions can be learned before you ever step foot on campus. These are just some of the ways NU students show their Purple Pride.

March through the Arch

March Through the Arch, a NU tradition that began in 2009, is relatively new. It’s a popular tradition at Northwestern because it marks the end of a student’s time at school. Wildcat Welcome is when incoming students march through Weber Arch at the southeast corner of campus as part of their Wildcat careers. Every year, the sidewalks of Weber Arch are lined with NU faculty members and family members cheering on new students to Northwestern. This tradition is reintroduced during senior year when students march through Weber Arch in the opposite direction, marking the end of their time at Northwestern.

Painting The Rock

The Rock was originally a water fountain. It is now a large rock on South Campus, right in the middle University Hall, Kresge Hall, and Harris Hall. While The Rock is stationary, it acts as a billboard for student groups. Students and groups can sign up for The Rock to be their guard for 24 hours. Usually, they camp out next to the rock in a tent. It is a tradition to paint the whole rock after the 24 hour period has ended. This usually happens in the middle or late of the night. Students use it to inform them about upcoming shows and/or make statements about current events. This tradition dates back to the 1940s and is something that most students do before leaving campus.

Primal Scream of Go Cats Com

Northwestern can become a stressful environment at the end of a quarter. Reading Period and Finals Week are particularly difficult times for students. Students can release some stress by participating in Primal Scream, which is a collective scream across campus at 9 pm on Sundays before Finals Week. Although it is mostly done outside of residence halls and libraries some students may scream in the silence of Main Library’s Periodicals. Students at NU do their best to relieve stress and are ready for the 9 a.m. final.