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11 facts about chickens: Empathy, memory, and dreams

Chickens are one of the most beloved and well-known animals on the planet. These facts will show it More chickens live on the planet than...

1970 Gmc Truck

A Guide To 1967-1972 Chevy/GMC Pickups 1970 Gmc Truck The '67 to'72 Chevrolet/GMC/K 1970 Gmc Truck pickup series is on the verge of becoming an...

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Adopt a goat or sheep

While goats and sheep are wonderful companions, they can be expensive and require lots of care. Here are some things to consider before you...

Pet obesity risks for overweight dogs and cats

Obesity in pets, especially for dogs and cats is a growing health risk. It is something that is often not recognized by people. Some...

These are the 7 Best Dog Parks in Miami

Miami is known for its beautiful beaches and vibrant city life. This can also be seen in the dog parks. Dog owners have many...


The Siamese-like Siamese white Oriental cat is also short-haired. It is also classified in the Siamese. Their lack of acomelanicas marks is what distinguishes...

The Beginners Guide To Fishkeeping

Do you think about getting into the water to keep fish as pets? Fish are fascinating creatures that may not be able to cuddle...

What is the ocean’s most dangerous predator?

The mysteries of the depths have inspired horror stories for generations. What is the most frightening thing about the ocean? Hallowe’en is quickly approaching so...

To combat eco-crime, we need to break down barriers and share intelligence

At one of the largest gatherings of financial, enforcement, legal, and government professionals worldwide, we presented "The implications of animal protect for the financial...

Witnessing cruelty to wildlife at an orangutan show

While I have seen many terrible things in my time with the investigation team, the orangutan entertainment at the major zoo of Southeast Asia...

Are you unsure if you can become vegetarian animals?

Are you unsure if you can become vegetarian? You can still eat less meat, but it is better for the animals and the planet. Ethical...

A 10-year-old girl was attacked by dolphins.

Tourism has made dolphins seem like friendly, smiling friends. What dangers does the captive dolphin trade really present to animals and humans? Must Read: fixing...

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Cocker spaniel kind of puppy

Cocker spaniel, both strains of dogs employed by predators to flush match critters out of insure; nonetheless, nevertheless, it really is trained to recover....
The Best Frog Hat to Give As Gifts

The Best “Frog Hat” to Give As Gifts

Everyone knows someone who would enjoy a nice frog-hat. Frog hats are fun gifts that everyone will appreciate. Frog hats come in many styles....
What kind of Dinosaur is the Oviraptor Ark

What kind of Dinosaur is the “Oviraptor Ark”?

The Ropod Dinosaur Is the a carnivore or a nocturnal animal? Oviraptor Ark was an omnivore that used its powerful jaws and beak to...

Different types of Betta Fish Meals Items

Variation inside their daily diet is vitally critical to get betta fish. Even though routine tropical fish scents will probably meet the requirements of the...
How to act like a Scourge Warrior Cats

How to act like a “Scourge Warrior Cats”

Scourge Warrior Cats by Erin Hunter inspired many Warrior Cat roleplaying. Many people make online profiles and roleplay online as Warrior Cats. Some people...
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