Do Cats Burp?

By ArthurHoose

Do cats burp, People often urinate after drinking or eating. This problem is exacerbated by our penchant for socializing at meals and drinking carbonated beverages. There’s a higher chance of you swallowing air that has come back as a burp if you are having a good time talking and chatting while you eat.

Burping is a common activity in humans but it’s rare in cats. According to Dr. Ann Hohenhaus (a NYC Animal Medical Center staff doctor who specializes on small animal internal medicine, and oncology), burping is so rare that it doesn’t even appear in the two major veterinary texts she consults. She claims that she has heard do cats burp.

Do Cats Burp Burping-Adjacent Issues for Cats

If a cat exhibits behaviors like retching or repeated swallowing, it is usually an indication of esophagitis (inflammation of the esophagus). Hohenhaus states that there are three main causes of esophagitis. The first is gastroesophageal acid reflux, also known as heartburn. The second concern anesthesia. When a cat is placed under anesthesia, the muscle that closes the esophagus is also anesthetized.

When it comes to gastrointestinal problems in cats, vomiting will always be an issue. Vernaleken states that every cat owner is familiar with the sound of a cat about to vomit. Therefore, it’s unlikely that that noise could be mistaken for do cats burp. Vernaleken says that vomiting can be caused by eating too fast. It is possible for a cat to swallow air while gulping down cat food. However, if the air needs to return, it could be coming back with the food.

Is it an emergency for cats to make burp-like sounds?

Although cats may not burp, it is a sign of underlying health problems. However, similar sounds and behaviors should prompt a visit to the vet. All conditions, including asthma, respiratory problems and nasal problems, require medical attention.

How to help cats who have issues with their stomachs

There are ways that pet owners can help a cat if they have any of these health problems.

This will keep them from sticking in the esophagus, irritating sensitive tissue and causing irritation. You can also ask your veterinarian if liquid cat medication is available.

Vernaleken and Hohenhaus both recommend slowing down your cat if you have a fear of vomiting from fast food. Vernaleken suggests that you could split your cat’s meals up into smaller portions if you have the time. You could also invest in toys and bowls that are specially designed to prevent cats from overeating.