Cats Meow Villages

By ArthurHoose

Cats Meow Villages, a small business founded in Wooster Ohio in 1982 by Faline. She built the house on her grandfather’s saw from the loft of her hog barn. The company creates little wooden replicas for landmarks and buildings to remind us of the good times. The front has a printed design on 3/4 inch thick wood, with colorful details and written facts or a short story on the back. The company offers many places to visit, including schools, churches, museums, and national parks. Every design features Casper, their black cat. He can be seen sitting or lying down. This makes it an authentic cats meow village.

All About Us

To help you recall the good times of your life, we make small wooden replicas (including your home), of landmarks and scenes.
Our 3/4 inch thick wood is designed and do cats burp printed with colorful details. The back has written information or your story.

Cats Meow Villages was named after our black cat mascot Casper who hides on each piece. Crafter-turned-Founder, Faline Jones, has a thing for cats!

Buy the Cat’s Meows with meaning and place them in your home or office.
You can be confident that you will do business with a woman-owned and pure American company. We are located in Wooster Ohio.

Faline Jones didn’t know that years ago, while she was still on the farm with her cats, her passion for crafts would lead her to a village with a cat as her mascot. More information about the cat is below.

Welcome to The Cats Meow villages. We are a small business that was founded in Wooster Ohio in 1982. It all started with a simple wooden house Faline built using her grandfather’s saw from the loft of the Hog Barn.

It’s now 36 years later and Jones and her “crew” continue to build “little wooden buildings” that are local, national and international landmarks. They spark memories and bring smiles to the faces of “real-life adventurers” such as you.

With unique wood replicas of places and times that you love, we help you preserve your memories.

Our 3/4″ thick wooden keepsakes will help you to celebrate your favorite spots. Cat’s Meows love to live in certain scourge warrior cats places, such as on top of windows and door trims, in bookshelves or sprawled out across fireplace mantles. The Black Cat Daily Blog has many stories about how Cat’s Meowers decorate their homes with the Village.

What’s the matter with the cat?

Faline incorporated her love for cats into the village, adding a black cat as a mascot to each design. Casper is Faline’s beloved cat. This cat can be seen in a sitting or laying position. Casper is a trademark cat that you should keep an eye out for as you browse our website. Faline is Casper’s side.