How to act like a “Scourge Warrior Cats”

By ArthurHoose

Scourge Warrior Cats by Erin Hunter inspired many Warrior Cat roleplaying. Many people make online profiles and roleplay online as Warrior Cats. Some people do live action Warrior Cat roleplay. Some people just want to live more like Warrior Cats in their everyday lives.

Identify the characteristics of your cat. Determine the color of your cat’s fur, their markings (such calico or tabby) and battle scars. Your cat’s pelt might be based on a Warrior Cat or completely unique. It is important that these scars and colors are symbolic and link to your cat’s history.

A white-skinned cat might have a suffix such as “Lightning” or “Stripe”.
You can choose the color of your cat’s eyes. You can choose from blue, green or brown for your cat’s eyes. Make sure your cat has realistic eye colors. Blue eyes are nearly impossible to breed in scourge warrior cats. Deafness is also more common in white cats with blue eyes.

Discover your cat’s personality. Identify your cat’s personality. They might be gentle and kind, or mean and aggressive. They can be shy, confident, creative, athletic, or a combination of all three. Identify 3-4 characteristics you notice in your cat. These traits should not be negative, but positive. This will make your cat more real.

Find out the history of your scourge warrior cats. Think about the origins of your cat’s life. Find out who your Warrior Cat’s parents are and what the circumstances were for their birth. Find the most significant moments in your cat’s history that made them who they were. Take this example:

Your cat might have a twin and their twin is the complete opposite. One twin may be kind and compassionate (maybe in white). One twin is kind and compassionate (maybe white in color). The other twin can be vicious and mean (maybe black). However, some black cats can be quite nice.

Perhaps your cat was born in a desert. Your cat’s pelt might be sandy-colored. They might be able to withstand high temperatures and low water intake. Perhaps they are shy or prefer to be alone.
Perhaps your cat was left behind by its parents and fostered by lizards. Perhaps your cat is able to change the color of its pelt (like a Chameleon). They may be a bit rude because they behave more like reptiles.

Name your Scourge Warrior Cats. Names for Warrior Cats should reflect something about them such as their personality and physical appearance. The name’s first part should reflect something of nature. This part will not change.