Undertale Lesser Dog: Appearance

By ArthurHoose

The Undertale Lesser Dog fur has a light cream colour and its red tongue seems to be constantly extending from its mouth. It is likely to be wearing grey metal armor, with a darker gray band at the waist. It carries a sword and shield with the Delta Rune.


Undertale Lesser Dog overworld poker.png

As with many other dogs, Lesser Dog can become overexcited when it is given physical attention. When petted, it can extend its neck at an almost limitless pace.

The Lesser Dog seems to love spending its time away from sentry duty playing cards (namely poker and go fish) against Grillby’s. The text also mentions that it seems to be losing when it interacts with it.

Main Story

Neutral Route

Lesser Dog spends most of its time in Snowdin Forest making snowdogs. Its necks are usually the same length as its own. The faun monster, standing nearby, observed that Lesser Dog seems to be overexcited when making the figures and never completes them. The possibility is that Lesser Dog can focus when it is petted by its protagonist, and the statues are more complete. Undertale Lesser Dog builds more statues around its sentry posts the more pets it has. Eventually, they become broken statues due to its long neck. The faun says that the dog was excited and built sculptures. However, its neck grew and it added snow to the sculptures until they fell apart. The Lesser Dog can be killed and its sentry post will only contain a pile of mushy snow.

True Pacifist Route

Undertale Lesser Dog appears to have won a game against itself in the playable epilogue of the True Pacifist Route. It is seen sitting in Grillby’s bar, the only dog character that has not been outside the Snowdin Library, playing poker with Endogeny. It can be seen making sand dogs at the beach in the True Pacifist Ending Credits.

In Battle


An Annoying Dog-like dog appears to the right of your screen. It runs for a while on the spot before jumping to the SOUL of the protagonist. It is possible for the dog not to have jumped far enough to be able to jump again after the attack ends.

A blue spear appears from the right and moves to the left. Then a white spear appears from either the left or right, stopping in the middle and continuing for a while before it ends.


When Undertale Lesser Dog is pet enough often

It’s very simple to save Undertale Lesser Dog

You can save Lesser Dog by only touching it once. Lesser Dogs that are petted more often will raise their heads and eventually stop attacking. You can pet Lesser Dog 54 times before it sends out any new messages.

The Stick, like other dog enemies can be used immediately to make Lesser Dogs spareable.

How far can Lesser dog go?

You can keep petting the dog, and its head will continue to rise, eventually surpassing the dialogue box or the menu. The Lesser Dog can only be petted 54 times before it is no longer allowed to be pet. The Stick, like other dog enemies can be used immediately to stop the Lesser Dog fight.

How long can the neck of a Lesser dog get?

The neck extends infinitely into all the cosmos. “Don’t worry about that.” This refers to the easter egg, which can be obtained by petting it at least 54 more times. The only Royal Guard member who isn’t a miniboss or boss is Lesser Dog.

How can you overcome a larger dog?

It must be beckoned/ignored by the protagonist, who then needs to pet, play, and then pet it twice. The Stick can also be used to save it, just like any other dog enemy. The fight ends when Greater Dog is tired of being ignored four times.

Where can I find the Undertale Lesser Dog’s killer?

The next random encounter that you will have after you defeat Doggo is the Lesser Dog. It can appear on any screen in Snowdin Forest.

Is greater dog a boss?

Parsing the infoboxGreater Dog has a problem. Frisk enters the fight and tries to win their soul to Papyrus.

How many Undertale Lesser Dogs can you keep?

The Lesser Dog may be kept as a pet for up to 54 times before it is allowed to be removed from your home. The Stick, like other dog enemies can be used immediately to stop the Lesser Dog fight.

Is Undertale a dog you can pet?

Yes, you can.

How can I get past Papyrus without him being killed?

He is spared and the Genocide Route is canceled. After his “Completely Ordinary Attack”, Papyrus’s defense will be set to his current HP times zero two. You can attack him without killing him immediately, but you must use the Tough Glove only once and confirm the attack only once.