How to Save “Undertale Greater Dog”

By ArthurHoose

Warning! Spoilers ahead! He appears first disguised as a snowpoff and then he comes out at you when it is least expected. This shouldn’t be an issue if you are following a genocide route. If you are a pacifist, you should start from step one to learn everything you need to pass the Undertale Greater DogĀ  and not harm anyone.

Meet the Undertale Greater Dog. This will occur automatically when you get close to the last snowpoff.

Make your first move. You must select the Act button from Fight, Act Item and Mercy to save the greater Dog. Select Act and then choose the Greater Dog’s name. To do this, you can press either enter or Z. You will be presented with five additional options: Beckon, Play and Pet. Click on the arrow-keys to select Beckon and then click enter (orZ).

Dodge the Greater Dog’s attack. After you have made your move, Greater Dog will follow suit. A spear will be sent across the board by Greater Dog. It will switch between a blue and regular attack.

You must keep your soul clear of the spear when it is launching a regular attack. Hold still when the attack turns blue. You will not be hurt if you can remain still during the blue portion.

Select the option pet. Then, follow the same steps as before to find Act and select the Greater Dog’s Name. After you’ve done that, select Pet instead Beckon using your arrow-keys. Then press Z (or enter) to make it happen.

The Greater Dog will attack you. The Greater Dog will attack you and reveal an entity that almost looks like the Annoying Dog. At the start of the attack, you should remain still. You will not be hurt and the dog will remain asleep throughout the attack. You must not touch or move the dog during the attack.

You must remember that your dog will awaken and want to play. Play with your dog by selecting Act, Undertale Greater Dog, then finally Play.

Re-experience the “sleeping dogs” attack. You must learn how to survive this attack, which can recur more than once. It is easy because you just need to stay still. Let this attack take its course, so stay still!

After this attack, you will see a message. It will read, “Greater Dog needs some TLC.” You can give it tender love by selecting the Pet option from the Act menu. You can pet your dog once you are done. He will then take another turn and attack you with his almost insignificant attack. But even so, you’ll get a message that says “Pet capability is 40 percent.”

You can choose Pet again. This is your final turn to save the Greater Dog. Chara will tell you that “You pet decisively.” This is a great thing.

Escape from the last attack. You can easily escape danger if you freeze when it is blue and move when it is normal.

Snowdin is the second Undertale Greater Dog area, following Toriel’s boss fight.

This guide is intended to be used as part of the complete Pacifist Guide. In other words, you can play through the entire game without killing anyone to unlock a new ending.

The majority of endings follow the same path and only slightly differ from each other. Our Undertale Greater Dog walkthrough explores other areas of the game.


The forest will be dark and snowy. You’ll find Sans, the skeleton, if you follow the easterly path. After introducing himself, he will take you to meet Papyrus.

You can speak to Sans for more information after their eccentric conversation. Then, head further east.

The next area contains a Dimensional Box and a Save Point. These boxes are scattered all over the map and allow for you to store any unwanted items.

Keep your Donut safe and move on.

Continue moving east, you’ll encounter Sans and Papyrus once more. A bit further you’ll find a Doggo-manned sentry post.

Doggo boss fight Undertale Greater Dog

Doggo has a new attack technique: his blue attacks will not harm you if they strike you still. You can avoid the snow attacks by keeping still when he swings his sword. They will pass right through you. You can then Pet him after his first blue attack.

Continue moving east, and Sans will give a somewhat-late but not entirely helpful explanation for blue attacks. Talk to the snowman north to get a piece of his heart.

This is not a plot item but it can be used to heal oneself.

Continue to the east, and you will meet Papyrus once again. He will run away after his puzzle doesn’t work out the way he expected. Follow him and cross the bridge to the next area.