These are the 7 Best Dog Parks in Miami

By ArthurHoose

Miami is known for its beautiful beaches and vibrant city life. This can also be seen in the dog parks. Dog owners have many options when it comes to where their dogs can play and socialize. There are several dog parks in the city. Every park offers something unique, including beautiful views and splash areas as well as ponds. We’ve compiled a list of the top dog parks in Miami that you can visit. Your furry friend will enjoy it no matter which park you choose.

1. South Miami Dog Park

The South Miami dog park is located in the South of Miami, near the VCA South Dades Animal Hospital. Although it may seem small, it has a lot to offer. The park’s landscaping has been updated recently, with artificial grass replacing the grassy area. Two benches are located under a canopy in the middle park. There is also a trash container nearby. To help keep the park clean, the park provides doggy bags at its entrance. The park has both large and small trees that provide shade.

2. Washington Dog Park

Washington dog park offers a leash cage to ensure your dog’s safety. A doggy water fountain is available to keep your dog hydrated. There’s also a water play area that you can use when it gets hot. The park is most busy on Mondays and Tuesdays, while the rest are pretty quiet.

3. Bark Park Dog Park

A large, fenced-off-leash area for dogs is located in Tropical Park in South Miami Bark Park Dog Park. The park’s lush landscaping allows dogs to play and run even in the heat. There are trees all around the park providing shade for both you and your dog. Owners can relax and enjoy their dog’s company by sitting on benches or at picnic tables under the canopies.

You can find agility equipment throughout the park so that you can show your dog new tricks, or let them have fun with it. You can provide water for your dog while they play and socialize. Although the park provides doggy bags and trash containers, they are not replenished as often as necessary. You may have to bring your own.

4. Margaret Pace Park Dog Park

Margaret Pace Dog Park, located on the east coast of Miami, is a popular choice because of its size and cleanliness. There are two areas in the fenced area for dogs. One for smaller dogs less than 25 pounds, and one for larger dogs. Artificial grass was installed so that your dog won’t get too messy while playing. You will find multiple trees throughout the park. There are also benches and dog-friendly art such as fire hydrants or large metal dogs.

5. Coconut Grove Dog Park

Coconut Grove Dog Park can be found within David T. Kennedy Park. It is a medium-sized, fenced dog park that has a grassy area. The park’s entrance has a leash cage to make it easy for you and your dog to enter and exit the park. The dog area has a mix of large and small trees, with some offering shade over a few picnic tables. Picnic tables and benches are scattered throughout the off-leash area, so owners can watch their dogs play and socialize.

6. Perrine Wayside Dog Park

The large water fountain/pond the dogs can enjoy and the stunning surrounding scenery make this dog park a popular choice. There are two sections: one for large dogs and one for small ones. The park’s landscaping consists of grass and dirt as well as rocks and concrete walkways. There are many trees throughout the park that provide shade for benches and picnic tables.

7. Haulover Beach Dog Park

The 177-acre park is located in Northeast Miami, on Haulover Beach. The off-leash area for dogs is not fenced so it’s best to let your dog off-leash only if you are sure you can keep control of them. Haulover Beach Dog park is a clean, safe, and well-maintained area. You can let your dog run and play with other dogs in the sand, or simply enjoy the sun.