Satisfactory Tips and “Truck Mount Forums”

By ArthurHoose

Safisfactory offers many ways to transport products and raw materials. Truck Mount Forums are one of the options that can be used to transport large quantities of goods over long distances.

When you upgrade to Tier 3, the first vehicle will become available. You can now build all the transport infrastructure necessary to receive your first vehicle. All vehicles have a great speed and plenty of cargo space. You have two options: you can either drive the wheeled vehicle yourself, or you can leave it in the hands the AI. However, we will return to the vehicle in a second. Fuel is essential for every vehicle. It can be either biomass, coal, or fuel.

You must first create a Truck Mount Forums Station if you wish to make a route. This building will unload and load every vehicle automatically. Simply drive up to the crane, and it will load or retrieve any goods in the equipment. It doesn’t matter if you are driving the vehicle or if it is being operated by an AI. This building only has one exit. However, there are two entrances for conveyors. The vehicle should automatically fill its tank with any fuel found in the building.

Truck Mount Forums

The player can create a route for each vehicle. You have many options if you turn on your vehicle menu (by default, the C button when you drive). The autopilot can be turned on, but the vehicle will not drive anywhere if it does not have a route. The recording option will allow the vehicle to remember the route that you have taken and play it back. If you need to stray from the route for a while, you can press the pause button.

Avoid narrow roads, crossings that are difficult or obstructed by many obstacles. Your vehicle could get lost, or your trip may take longer. The vehicle will still wait for you if it stops. You can choose to bin the project if you don’t like it or want to make a new one. After creating the project, you’ll see blue arrows within the game world that you can hide.

Transporting individual goods or raw materials can be done by vehicles. Transshipment stations have only one output conveyor belt and can’t yet select the delivered goods. It is therefore worth only transporting one type of goods per transportation line. This will prevent confusion at the production lines. When you have to transport large quantities from faraway deposits like coal or oil, vehicles are the best option. Conveyor belt construction can take too much time and consume a lot of resources. Truck Mount Forums are able to do the same thing in less time.