Royal Truck and Trailer: Sales

By ArthurHoose

Announces a new location to demonstrate their commitment to the aftermarket. If you take care of your Royal Truck and Trailer parts.

Royal Truck and Trailer Sales believes in this philosophy, which has led to a quadrupling of trailer sales in Detroit over the past five years.

CEO Carl Bumgardner asks, “Which is more important for the customer? Taking good care of him when you are trying to sell them a trailer or taking good care whenever he requires parts or service?” “Maybe it’s because my company started out in parts and service and then became a trailer dealer.” However, I am certain that new equipment sales will come if your parts and service skills are strong.

Royal opened the Warren, Michigan store in November last year. A new location was also built in Wixom (another suburb of Detroit). These two new locations complement the Dearborn location.

These three locations make up a circle around the Motor City. Warren covers the northeast, Wixom the northwest, and Dearborn the southern part.

Bumgardner states that “no one wants to drive all over town looking for truck or trailer parts.” “By surrounding Detroit, we make it easy for our customers to get parts and services wherever they need them.”

Royal Truck and Trailer offers extensive delivery services to make it easier for parts customers. The company has 15 pickup trucks that can deliver parts within a radius of 40 miles from their base locations. Royal also has two one-ton trucks with aluminum platform bodies that measure 12 feet. These trucks can transport palletized loads to customers when needed. These trucks are also equipped with snow plow mounts that allow them to clear snow from the property in winter.

Royal’s new location was the result of All Type Truck and Trailer Repair November 1 being acquired. Royal can now serve its customers in new ways. Take this example:

  • All Type Royal Truck and Trailer Repair has been servicing customers in Warren, Michigan, for nearly 45 years. Royal can now easily access this customer base.
  • All Type Truck and Trailer was a specialist in mechanical truck suspensions. Royal acquired a large inventory of parts for heavy truck suspensions, many of which were not readily available in the region.
  • Royal acquired 30 employees from All Type. They were able to manufacture custom leaf springs and had specialized skills.
  • Custom U-bolt production. U-bolt bending equipment ensures that the right-sized U bolts are available for installation and repair.
  • Hydraulic hoses made to order All Type had the staff and equipment to make hoses to specific lengths.

Royal has supported this approach to the market by making major capital commitments over the last few years. The company recently opened its third store within the Greater Detroit area.