The Importance of Humane Animal Control

By ArthurHoose

The Importance of Humane Animal Control

Animal control is an invaluable service to the local community. Animals in your home could cause costly damages and pose threats for your wellbeing and security. Therefore, if animals have made their way into your residence it’s essential that you do your due diligence and select an animal control business which adheres to humane standards.

Wildlife removal businesses come in a variety of forms and not all are created equal. Unfortunately, some may use cruel and unsanitary methods that could cause harm or even death to the animal being removed.

What Constitutes Humane Animal Control?

Animals have the potential for injury or death during interactions between humans and other creatures. Pest control companies often employ inhumane methods of removal such as poisons that could harm animals, traps designed specifically to hold legs in place, and other painful devices.

There are also less-known methods of humane removal you should be aware of, such as relocation and trapping. Relocating and trapping animals may be the best solution to get rid of animals because they remain alive until release into the wild; however, moving them to a different area puts them at risk of dying from unfamiliar surroundings. There are however ways to safely transport your furry friend so it can be released back on site safely.

The most humane method of eviction involves using a single door. This ensures the animal will leave and never return, and they can move to an area they feel at ease in. Furthermore, there is minimal human interaction required which reduces strain on the animals.

However, this method could go awry if not executed correctly. A one-way entrance in a roof that isn’t securely secured could lead to animal slips, injuries or even death when trying to exit. It is also essential to check the condition prior to installing such an entryway. Oftentimes, animals enter homes to take care of babies – a one-way entryway would isolate mom from her children who cannot walk; starving babies would then suffer and eventually die from lack of food and care. An animal-friendly business will make sure that when present they are gently taken out by hand before being reunited with their mothers.

Why Is Humane Animal Control Important?

Humane methods of removal are important for several reasons. While it may be frightening or frustrating to encounter a wild animal within your home, remember that the animal wasn’t there with the intent to cause harm. Animals usually enter homes to care for their young or to stay warm away from harsh elements – not as an option! Furthermore, these creatures don’t deserve to be killed simply because of these natural reasons.

Animals are integral to our environment. In certain cases, certain animals that enter your property could be endangered species legally protected, such as bats. If you injure or kill these creatures with traps or poisons, it could lead to fines and the destruction of their natural ecosystem.

Additionally, simply killing the animals living within your home won’t solve your problem in the long run. While raccoons or mice may have been eradicated within a couple of weeks or days, other animals could potentially enter through similar entrance points used by those you had initially eliminated.

Animal control companies that practice humane methods will safely remove the animals without harm and eliminate the chance for reentry into your property.