11 facts about chickens: Empathy, memory, and dreams

By ArthurHoose

Chickens are one of the most beloved and well-known animals on the planet. These facts will show it

More chickens live on the planet than any other land animals. Let’s find out more about them.

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1 – Chickens are able to recognize up to 100 faces

Chickens recognize other chickens as well. These faces also included human faces! Even chickens can recall positive and negative experiences, which they pass on to their flock members.

2 – Chickens’ dream

Chickens have vivid dreams, much like dogs and cats that may appear to be chasing after something while they sleep. Researchers are still unsure what chickens dream about, but they do experience rapid-eye movement sleep (REM). It’s all imagination!

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3 – Information is passed down by chickens

Your grandparents and parents are not the only ones who can teach you how to make the most of your life. If given the opportunity, chickens can pass on their knowledge to future generations.

4 – Chickens chirp for their eggs

The chirping of the chicks and hens while they are in the eggs is one of the most adorable sounds you will ever hear. They make about 30 different sounds to communicate with one another, including “thanks!” and “there’s danger in the coop!”

5 – Hierarchal chickens

The flock structure of chickens is the reason you have heard the term “pecking orders” many times. These pecking order are complex social structures, and flock members know exactly where to fit in.

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6 – Chickens learn from past experiences and make decisions

Chickens learn from past experiences, just like how we learned to avoid touching hot stoves or to use sunscreen. Chickens will recall what they enjoyed and what was dangerous to their flock, and then make decisions based upon those past experiences.

7 – Chickens empathise and bond with their peers

Empathic chickens are the best example of empathy. One of the best things about chickens is their ability to empathize. Chickens can understand and share the feelings of a peer who is sad, happy, stressed or hurt.

8 – The memories of chickens are great

To solve puzzles, they can use their beaks to pick at pieces and let their humans know where they belong. On tape, chickens were also caught finding treats under cups.

9 – Chickens purr as cats

Chickens will purr softly when they are happy, safe, and cosy. This one is up to you.

10 – Factory farms cause severe suffering for chickens

The most intensively farmed land animal on the planet is the chicken. They are the most intensively farmed land animals on the planet, numbering in excess of billions.

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11 – Chickens deserve a good life

Sensitive chickens can experience pain and a variety of emotions. Every chicken in a factory farm is unique and has their own personality. Factory farms do not allow these intelligent and sensitive animals to experience the full range of emotions and needs that they are capable of. Every chicken deserves a happy life, where they can have their babies, forage for food, and wander freely.