Cat has a joyful and happy “Merry Christmas Cats”

By ArthurHoose

We all look forward to merry christmas cats, the food, the guests and the decorations. For cats, however, Christmas can be stressful and can lead to injury. Cats are accustomed to routine and are sensitive about changes in the environment. This makes celebrating Christmas difficult. Curious cats may also be attracted to toxic foods and plants during the season. International Cat Care has consulted our veterinarians to find out what injuries they see this time of the year. This article is based on the information provided by the Veterinary Poisons Information Service, (VPIS). It provides advice on how to keep your cat happy and minimize disruptions to their Christmas.

Merry Christmas Cats Food

Grapes and raisins can also cause kidney damage in dogs. However, poisoning is less common. However, the VPIS will advise cats that have been exposed to these foods and recommend that they be treated. If your cat has been eating such foods, contact your veterinarian and ask them to call the VPIS. It may be tempting for your cat to get treats this merry christmas cats, such as extra cat treats, or leftovers from Christmas dinner. Although a small amount of turkey chats cats leftovers will be enjoyed by most cats, too many treats or human food can cause illness in cats. They won’t even know it! Cooked poultry bones can pose a danger to cats. They are difficult for cats to digest so be sure they don’t go in the trash after Christmas.

Make sure your festive cats have plenty of safe places for them to retreat from the hustle and bustle. You can add security by placing a cardboard box or an igloo under your bed or above it. Make your home smell familiar with bedding that has been used by the merry Christmas cats if you add new beds to the home.

Visitors should not approach the cat while it is asleep in its bed. Instead, they should only stroke the cat when it initiates contact. Children visiting the cat may want to cuddle it, but gentle strokes on its initiation should be maintained.

To help the cat learn positive associations thanksgiving cats with new people, guests can give treats and toys to the cats.

Make sure there’s always an open door so your cat can escape from noisy dinners or parties to go to a quieter area of the house.
A feliway diffuser can be installed in the area where cats are most likely to spend the majority of their time, several days before the celebrations begin. The feline pheromones in this product can make your cat feel more secure. Ensure that it is on all times during the holiday season.