How to keep my “Dog knot” winter free?

By ArthurHoose

Recently, I have been on a bit more of a tangent!Dogs that are unhappy with their owners aren’t happy!Groomers don’t want to have to shave their dog knot in winter.

Sometimes it is better to just let your dog go. If you leave those knots on the dog, they pinch the skin, causing bruises.

Imagine you can go about your daily life for six to eight months without ever having to brush your hair. This is what it looks like!

We like to believe our dogs are dirty and knotty, but that’s not true!

Knots can be uncomfortable for your dog.

Dog knot are extremely vigilant and will do anything to get you noticed.

My vet stated that humans will whine at 10% pain, while dogs will wait until 98% pain. It’s possible!

Even if your dog isn’t showing signs of pain, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t.


It’s simple: owners don’t brush their dogs enough or properly. It’s a common problem!

If I were to get a dollar for every time I heard these excuses, I would be a wealthy gal!

My dog won’t allow me to brush his fur;
My child does not brush the dog.
It is my children’s dog.
I do brush the dog, but it is a messy job.
We went to the beach for the weekend, and the dog was happy.
The dog ran away and ended up in this manner.
This is the basic idea.


It’s not only for winter, but we all want our long-haired dogs to be tangle free all year!

It is obvious to RUSH your dog every day!

You won’t have a dog knot if you take 5-10 minutes each day to brush your dog.

You should brush them with the correct brush for your dog’s hair type.

Many dogs bring their groomers with knots under their arms, legs, feet, and bottom.

Some people just stroke their dog’s back and think that’s enough.

Brushing is necessary everywhere there is hair.