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What should you do if your cat isn’t covering her poop? If your cat leaves poop uncovered in her litter box, this can be frustrating. Keep in mind that your cat is not being mean by this. You can tell if your cat isn’t covering her poop because she’s nervous, competing with other cats, or health issues. Your cat can be encouraged cats to cover her poop with different litter, litter boxes, calm products, or other ways to reduce stress.

Teach Your cats to cover How to Bury

It’s possible that your cat doesn’t know how to properly bury her poop. When she covers the litter, give her treats. Clicker training is another option to help you “capture”, and then gradually encourage your dog over time.

Place Litter boxes in different cats to cover locations to increase the number

You might find your cat not covering his poop in a place he doesn’t like. Maybe you don’t have enough litter boxes. It is a good rule to have at least one litterbox for each cat.

You can place the litter boxes at different places. Place the litter boxes in different locations away from noisy noises, such as washing machines or heavy foot traffic. If a cat is distracted by noise, he might forget to cover his poop.

Reduce Stress

Sometimes, cats can leave their poop exposed due to stress. In nature, cats might cover their poop to mask their scent and make predators less likely to notice them. If a cat doesn’t cover its poop, it could be trying to show dominance or competition with another cat. Other stress triggers such as cats who wander outside of the house can make your cat feel anxious. Moving to a new home or having guests over can cause stress in your cat.

Stress can cause anxiety in cats, so it’s worth reducing the stress to help them feel more comfortable with their poop. Use a calming diffuser to calm your cat. These diffusers release a drug-free and odorless vapor which mimics the pheromones cats use to tell if an area is safe. Another option is to use a calming collar that releases the same vapors wherever your cat goes.

Set up cat trees to ensure your cats are not all glued together on the floor. You can also play with your cat to release that nervous energy.

Try Different Types and Levels Of Litter

Sometimes a cat won’t cover his poop if the litter hurts his feet or because he doesn’t like how it smells. Try a variety of litters, including pine, shavings, and granules. Also, you can try scent-free litter.

The litter granules could get stuck in long-haired cats’ fur. You can try “crystal” litter for long-haired felines. You should also check for mats on the bums of long-haired cats.

You might also try different types of litter and clean it more often. Some cats won’t cover their urine if it is too high or too low. If the litter is too filthy, some cats won’t cover it.

Give a Larger or Low-Sided Box a shot

Use a low-sided litter box. The litter box might cause pain for elderly cats and cats with hip dysplasia. This could cause them to want the litter box to be emptied quickly or to start pooping outside. Your cat may become more comfortable using a low-sided litter box or removing one side.

It might be worth getting a bigger box. A small box might make it difficult for your cat to move and dig in his poop. Covered boxes often limit the space your cat can use to move about in. However, some cats prefer to be in a box.

Talk to a Veterinarian

Talking to your veterinarian is a great idea if you notice a change in your cat’s behavior. You might suspect that your cat has a new medical condition if she stops covering her poop or if she is constantly doing so. Make sure to get her checked up.

Don’t be rude to a cat if he doesn’t cover his poop. A cat won’t cover his poop due to stress, pain, or litterbox problems. Take care of your fur baby and give these suggestions a try to help.

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