Make your own “Dog Treat Jar” with tips and freebies

By ArthurHoose

Blog 4Knines has shared a very simple holiday dog craft with us. No special skills required. For the full details on how to create your own fancy but easy DIY dog treat jar container, visit the guest post. It took only a chats cats few minutes to make, but it is not necessary to tell anyone! You can make one for yourself, or you can make a batch for holiday gifts for friends and family who love animals.

DIY Easy Embellished Dog Treat Jar

For more information on how to decorate this pet treat jar, check out our guest post at Blog 4Knines. This jar looks amazing, but it doesn’t require any special skills. You only need a few simple (and cheap) supplies. You are so welcome!

Ideas for Dog Treat Jar Gifting

You may have also seen this DIY treat jar at Blog 4Knines. It contains ready-to-mix dry ingredients for dog treats. This is a great gift idea for those who enjoy baking, or if you’re prepping gifts ahead of time. Because of their short shelf life, homemade treats are best given fresh. This post contains the same recipe as our Autumn Apple Puppy Pie dog treat jar.

Here are some tips for gifting a treat container:

Your treat jar can be filled with homemade or ready-made treats. However, homemade treats will not have the same shelf life as commercial treats. A treat jar can be used as a container for a mini gift basket full of treats and goodies. The reason for the gift and the size of your budget will determine what you should include. You can also give small gifts like cookie cutters and ornaments. Paw balms and boop bags holders, dog whistles, safety light, toys, gift cards or cards, as well as treats.

Here are some tips for gifting a ready to mix treat jar:

It is possible to make a ready-to use jar of dog treat jar dough by using dry ingredients from any dog treat recipe. If you prefer a multi-coloured and varied look to your dog treat recipes, such as the one in my photos, you can merry christmas cats use a variety dry ingredients with different textures and colours. You can create layers by combining different flours and grains or using dry ingredients such as flax, carob, and/or flax.

Layers can be difficult to keep in place when they are being transported or given as gifts. Layered jars should only be handed out by the person who will use them. This will allow you to handle them with care and ensure they are upright and stable. While a little cling film can be helpful, it won’t stop them from shifting if they are tipped. You can also add a cookie cutter, or stable wet ingredients to make it extra special. Tinted salmon and tuna are delicious choices.