Derpy dog: Adoptable who could be Superstars

By ArthurHoose

BarkPost is committed to adopting special needs derpy dog. It’s brave and wonderful to adopt any dog who is in need of a loving home. But some dogs are just too adorable! What makes a dog so special? You could dog knot have a semi-permanent expression or a unique personality that makes your dog special.

We’ll be featuring 25 adoptable dogs on Petfinder starting this month. They could be the internet’s most famous derpy dog. Spread the word about these adoptable ragamuffins by sharing your picks with us in the comments! We can all work together to make the Internet a little more sexy and to help find loving homes for seriously rad derpy dog in dire need.

Derpy Dog Ruffles Rescue

How could you be so cute? Archie was found paralysed and scared in a group of bushes after being abandoned. Archie was found abandoned, paralysed by his former owner, and was then discarded. Archie is wheelchair-bound and has a broken back. However, it does not slow him down. Archie needs help with potty training, but he is such an independent little guy. Archie is a cuddle bug, a lover of life, and a social butterfly. Archie will need a special home with a parent who is sensitive to his needs.


Deaf Dog Rescue of America
About Ollie: Is Ollie a hound derpy dog or a purebred? Oliver won’t believe you! We think he is pretty special, too. Ollie has beautiful, long ears and a big boy frame. However, he is blind and deaf. This doesn’t stop Ollie from being a big hunka lover. Ollie enjoys to play and chew on toys, take walks, and get treats. He is affectionate and will often hug his favourite people.

Pets with Disabilities

Sarah: Sarah was saved from an abusive situation. A few very kind people intervened and got Sarah to safety. She hails from West big dog lending Virginia and is a happy, sweet puppy! Sarah weighs 15 pounds and is full of joy. She loves to have her tail in the air, and she’s happy to be with friends who love her. Although she does have a cerebellum problem, the rescue said that she will always have a unique gait. She is otherwise a healthy and normal pup.

Brave Derpy dog Rescue

Nimby: Nimby was found wandering around the streets on his hind legs, hobbling along. According to rescuers, Nimby was born that way. He is able to walk, run and play with his hind legs. He is healthy and can live a normal two-legged life.