kung foo cats: (Special Cat)

By ArthurHoose

Kung Foo Cats, a Special Cat, can be purchased in the Upgrade Menu for 240 Cat Food after you have completed Jamaica in Empire of Cats Chapter 1 True Form increases his range and gives him immunity from Weaken.

Evolution of Kung Foo Cats

Level 10: Evolves into Drunken Master Cat

When kung foo cats Awakens is obtained, Dancer Cat can be transformed into! This is level 20 and above.


This cat is an all-round unit that can do a lot of damage. Kung Foo Cats only negative attributes are his high price and slow recharge time. This is at least while you’re in Empire of Cats. Kung Fu is more suited to being a suicidal attacker in Into the Future, Cats of the Cosmos and Legend Stages. He doesn’t have enough knockbacks.

Kung Foo Cats in Empire of Cats is an attack-oriented version of Titan Cat. He is still able to deal with hordes of enemies but does not have the health to fight high DPS bosses. He is usually used to deal damage and not be knocked back. He must be well timed to strike, otherwise he will most likely die.

True Form of Kung Foo Cats

Dancer Cat combines all hits into one, gains 30 more range, and is immune to weaken. The cost of his stats is still not worth it by the time that this form is unlocked. There is no reason to rush. Dancer Cat can still be useful on certain 4 star stages despite the loss of multi-hit, and the additional range. Calamary’s immunity to Dancer Cat is counter-productive, but Dancer Cat has one knockback and poor health.

His Cat Combo Feel the Dance is a great tool for Stories of Legend, especially if the cats are being raised to their full potential.


Before anything else can be considered, it is important that his stats are made possible by the Attack Up and possibly Defense Up talents. Wave Immunity transforms this unit into a mini Heroic Musashi. This makes him an excellent anti-wave player for Starred Difficulty Story of Legend stages. Although his Surge ability allows him to randomly hit backliners, it is not worth the NP. If you do decide to invest, there is a gallery that shows where Surge hits. This can be helpful in identifying targeted backliners.

Kung Fu Cat X is the Rare equivalent to Lesser Demon Cat. It has devastating attack power, but only single-target attacks. If backed by support, he can eliminate any peons that are in his path, he will be most effective against tanky enemies such as THE SLOTH, Nyandam variations, and the Crazed Cats.

Iron Claw X is especially useful in finishing off the Gories appearing as support in Tiny Fists. Iron Claw X is able to finish off Heroic Musashi level 30 because he has enough health to tank one Wave Attack. This gives him a large window of attack.

He is a bit underwhelming because of his Single-target, which causes him to mess up and attack weaker peons on peons heavy stages. He is still a solid attacker against a bulky boss if he is fighting alone.

You’ve been selected to train with the Karate Cats

The Karate Cats are now the maths champions after they have finished their training!

This new adventure will allow you to join them and earn the gold, silver, and bronze cups for a variety of maths topics.

These cats love dressing up. Keep playing until you find more costumes for Karate Cats.

You can unlock challenge mode and impress your coach with a high score. You can show off your new skills to become a maths-champion Karate Cat.

There are hundreds of questions on eight important topics.

  • Subtraction and addition
  • Multiplication and division
  • Place value and number
  • Fractions
  • Measuring
  • Shapes
  • Direction and position

Statistic of Kung Foo Cats

“Everybody is kung Fu fighting/ Those cats were as fast as lightning.”

It was a credo that resonated with righteous students who were improving themselves through mastering their martial arts forms. However, today’s millennial felines have taken the decree to heart in a predictable and disappointing way.

The Devil’s Tricknology

Although this petulant Domestic Shorthair may appear to be focused on his goal of throwing a right-leg roundhouse kick in direction of his human, the truth is that he only wants to exercise to maintain control over his smartphone. When you have to sleep for 20 hours per day, social media FOMO can be real.