Fallout 4 Cats: How to Spawn Cats

By ArthurHoose

On this week’s Mod Roundup, a modder is shocked to see Fallout 4 cats die in firefights. He decides to boost their stats so that they aren’t as slow, unlucky and unaware. A mod that combines The Witcher 3’s version of Gwent and Gwent: The Witcher Card Game makes it easier to understand (you can read more about it below). There’s also a mod that fixes the camera view while driving No Man’s Sky’s Path Finder vehicles.

These are the most promising mods that we have seen this week.

Fallout 4 Cats: More realistic cats

This mod was created by a self-described cat lover after she noticed that Fallout 4 cats were slow, unlucky and unaware of danger. They also displayed very little cat-like behavior which often led to them being killed in firefights. The mod makes Fallout 4 cats more alert to danger, faster heal, and has a higher health pool. This is largely due to the modder placing points into Luck, Perception, and Agility. In vanilla, cats scored zero for all three attributes. Zero! Have you ever seen a cat at Bethesda?

Gwent can be played in two ways: inside The Witcher 3 or in Gwent, The Witcher Card Game. A mod allows you to combine them by importing art from The Witcher 3’s standalone Gwent game into The Witcher 3’s in-game, uh… game. The mod is not available for all cards and has been tested only with the GOG Game of the Year (1.31) of The Witcher.

No Man’s Sky: Exocraft camera fix

No Man’s Sky’s new exocraft are fun to drive and can be quite destructive. However, the third-person camera is not very good. The follow distance is too close to the vehicle that you’re driving. This mod corrects that by allowing the camera’s trail to be more distant. This mod makes it easier for you to see your destination and allows you to have a better view on your new wheels.

Chris began playing PC games in 1980. He started writing about them around 2000. Finally, he started being paid to write about them. After a few years of being a freelancer, PC Gamer hired Chris in 2014. This was probably to stop him from emailing them asking for more work. Chris has a love/hate relationship to survival games, and a unhealthy fascination with NPCs’ inner lives. He enjoys mods and offbeat simulation games. He also likes to ignore the storylines in RPGs so that he can create his own.

Atom Cats Garage can be found in the far southeast corner of the Commonwealth, near the Quincy Ruins. It is most likely to be found when you are targeting the Gunners in Quincy. However, if you prefer a safer experience, you can swim across the ocean to the Garage which is located on its own north of Quincy. Swimming is easy from the Castle.

Atom Cats Garage houses the Atom Cats, an arm of Power Armor greasers. They are friendly as long as you don’t get in on their turf or cause trouble. This garage is small but very busy and offers a lot of opportunities.

Zeke, a dude from the twin warehouses immediately beyond the main station. You can find Cats Poetry Night Tape 2 on the radio here.

Zeke will direct you to Rowdy, a little girl who is living in a storage shed containing several Power Armor Stations. You’ll be directed to Warwick Homestead which is just a short drive to the east. You’ll find more information below. For the Cats Poetry Night Tape, check out the bedrooms to the rear of the garage.

A suit of Power Armor is hidden in the corner of the Power Armor Station shed. You can remove the suit to its frame and plug in a Fusion Core. Then you can ride the bike out of the Garage. However, any Fusion Core that you install afterward will be considered stolen’. So don’t try to take it out again unless this is your plan.

An Unarmed Bobblehead is found on the front of the rusted out car in the Nuka Cola warehouse.

On the north side, you’ll find a Fusion Core.

A trailer is located to the northeast of camp with a safe and a terminal. However, opening the latter can be considered theft. You will find Hot Rodder magazine and Cats Poetry Night Tape 1 on the table next to the bed.

To the west and outside of the trailer is another suit Power Armor. This one is complete except for the head. Laser Tripwires are behind it. This is also considered stolen merchandise by the Atom fallout 4 cats, however, they don’t care if you smuggle in.

Warwick Homestead Test

Rowdy’s mission is simple: Fix a pump at Warwick Homestead. Although it’s only a short distance to the east, you could get into trouble if you’re not careful. There are many Gunners in Quincy Ruins and Raiders of Poseidon Energy. Along the beach, Bloatflies, Ghouls and other creatures. For the least amount of hassle, stick to the beaches.

The Homestead is located at the northeastern tip. To finish, make the trek to the Homestead and check the small shed that is attached to the building. Head back to the Garage and speak with Rowdy. This Homestead can be used as a settlement once the quest is completed. It could be yours.

– Egads! Just when you think you are done, Gunners will attack the Garage. Although it is a formidable attack force, you have plenty of cover. The best part? All of the Atom Cats (many of them in Power Armor) will be there to take out the opposition.

You’ll be treated as a friend by the Atom Cats if you help to fight off the Gunners. You’ll get full access to their ‘digs, gain some experience and, most importantly, Zeke’s Jacket & Jeans. Ooo. You will get a discount from Bluejay, the Atom Cats’ first vendor. Rowdy will also be available as a Power Armor parts or mods vendor. If you are looking for a complete Power Armor Frame, she has it available. Also, the Atom Cats Custom Painting Job is available. They are both so expensive, it is cheaper to steal one of the Atom Cats suits.