Building A Proper “Andeles Dog House”

By ArthurHoose

Animal Protection Act requires that animals be provided shelter.

Alberta law requires that all animals have proper shelter, regardless of their size or breed. This applies to dogs. The animal must be able to move freely in the harsh Alberta weather. Even if your dog doesn’t use the Andeles dog house often, he or she should have some shelter.

What should we look for when looking for a shelter or dog house that is properly andeles?

  • Insulated
  • Insulation will ensure that the dog’s body heat is used to keep it warm.
  • Insulation should be installed on all walls, roofs and floors.
  • Amount appropriate for the size and breed of your dog
  • Dogs should be able to stand and move around freely in their house.
  • Do not make the house too large as it will let body heat escape and keep the shelter from keeping your dog warm.
  • Protection against the rain, wind and snow
  • A flap should be placed over the front door, or in a protected location to keep the rain, wind and snow out.
  • Dry bedding
  • Straw is a wonderful form of bedding. Any moisture is pulled away from the dog.
  • All dogs need an Andeles dog house

According to the Alberta SPCA, all domestic animals must have their basic needs met. These Five Freedoms are included in the Five Freedoms. These freedoms were originally developed for farm animals in the UK and are now internationally accepted as ideals for all species of domestic and captive wildlife.

Access to water is key to freedom from hunger and thirst.

Provide a safe environment that allows you to feel comfortable and relieves you of any discomfort.

Prevention or quick treatment can bring relief from pain, injury, or disease.

You can be free from fear and distress by providing conditions and treatment that avoid mental suffering

Freedom to express normal behavior by providing adequate space, appropriate facilities, and company for the animal’s species.

Alberta SPCA Andeles Dog House Building Project

Alberta SPCA and Edmonton Catholic Schools have teamed up to build shelters for homeless dogs and their families. Materials were purchased with donations from our supporters, and delivered to six Edmonton Catholic Jr/Sr high schools.

The completed dog houses will be returned to the Alberta SPCA for distribution to dogs in need, as determined by Peace Officers during regular duties.

All of the andeles dog houses have insulation to protect from harmful heat and cold in Alberta’s extreme weather conditions.