These are our tips for success when adopting a dog!

By ArthurHoose

These are our tips for success when adopting a dog!

You think you are ready to adopt a furry friend, a dog, into your family? Congratulations on your big decision! Have you ever thought about how to adopt a dog? Are you aware of all the factors that are important? We know how exciting it is to adopt a four-legged friend. While you don’t have to control your excitement, it is important to plan, research and take the necessary steps to ensure that your adopting a dog story goes smoothly.

Decide which breed of dog is right for you

It’s a wonderful decision to buy a dog. But it doesn’t mean you should be completely prepared to welcome the dog into your home. Although you may be enthralled by a particular breed of dog, it is important to research the breed to determine if it is right for you. There are many other factors to consider, such as the dog’s history and personality. Before you decide to adopt a dog, it is important that you have a clear idea of the type of friend you want.

Here are some examples of areas that you should consider when choosing the right doggy-fit.

  • Lifestyle and Flexibility: How is your lifestyle? How willing are you to change to adjust to your new life with a dog in the house? What changes are you not ready to make?
  • Loving Ones: What will the impact of your new addition be on those around you? Take into account children and older relatives, as well as those who have allergies.
  • Size: There are many sizes for dogs. Are you looking for a medium-sized, large, extra-large or small dog?
  • Activity Level: Activity levels can differ between dogs and breeds. Before you decide to take the plunge, make sure you know how much activity your dog needs.
  • Grooming and Physical Care: Dogs require different levels of care. What amount of time will you be willing to put in?

You need to think about your finances, past experience with dogs, willingness to adopt special needs dogs, breed, housing, personality, and age. Take the time to research all aspects before you start the adoption process. This will ensure that you are well-prepared to find your forever companion.

Visit your local shelter for animals

Although it might be tempting to go to your local pet shop and purchase the first puppy that you see, it is more beneficial for your community and the animals to adopt a dog at your nearest animal shelter. Sometimes, dogs found in shelters and pet rescue centers have had to endure difficult times or were abandoned by their owners. It is possible to do good by saving a dog from shelters, as opposed to supporting puppy mills that are often associated with large corporations.

Start by visiting the shelter’s website. You can also call ahead to ask about their current dogs up for adoption and the adoption process. If you’re looking for a particular breed of dog, ask them if there is a waiting list that can be added. You can also search online to find dogs of your favorite breed available for adoption in your locality.

Get to know the dog that interests you

We recommend that you do the following once you’ve found a dog you like:

1) Watch the dog distantly

Begin by watching their behavior from a distance. Pay close attention to their actions, moods, body posture, sounds and social interactions with humans and dogs. Is this dog a good match for you from faraway? Listen to your gut. Does the dog make you feel relaxed or anxious? Your new dog will be your companion for many years, so trust your gut instincts.

2) Spend quality time together

Next, move the dog that interests you into a separate area. Take the leash off, let the dog explore your space, and then relax. Are they curious or confident? Are they afraid or anxious? Play with the dog you are assessing if he is friendly and outgoing. You can see if he will chase a ball or play with a soft toy. If he refuses to play with toys, you can try running away and seeing if he follows you. Is he interested in playing with me? Is he barking and biting or is he interested in playing with you?

3) Take your dog on a tour of different places

Take the dog on a walk and explore other areas. Dogs can behave differently indoors than outdoors or in busy areas compared to quiet ones. Many shelters offer multiple areas for dog owners to interact with their dogs.

Visit your furry friend again

Dog behavior can change depending on their mood, how they feel, what they did before you interacted with him, the time of day and their energy level. Some dogs are more relaxed in the morning than others, while others may act out in the afternoon. Your dog might have just woken up from a nap, and then was tired when he met you. To get a better idea of how the dog is feeling, visit the dog again a few hours later or another day. This will help you feel more confident in the dog’s ability to be a good match for you.

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